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Kennel Jokerface Bulldogs

French & English Bulldog in Denmark

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Kennel Jokerface is a small kennel only breeding

French & English Bulldogs for the hobby sake.

I have bred in the Danish Kennel Club and FCI

for the Auspices of the past 24 years.

Since 1987 we have had Molosser dogs, we startet

with 2 Bullmastiff, English Bulldog and

Mastino Napoletano

Last mentioned breed we have been breeding

for 10 years in Danish kennel Club under the

kennel name "Il Cane E´Presa"

So our experience with the Molosser dogs in general

is very big from the biggest bred of them all to the

smalles .... the French Bulldog :)

Since 2001, we have deal with the French Bulldog .

In 2012 we got English Bulldog again.

We live in a lovely country house where the dogs

have 5000 square feet to enjoy themselves.

All of our dogs live inside the house with

us as family members.

Our second interest is our parrots.

We and the dogs enjoy them a lot when we are in

the garden most of the day

In fact the parrots they thought that the dogs

are very interesting :) And call them there names...

I am a member of the Danish Kennel Club and FCI

We use only wholesome, pure typical breeding dogs

in our breeding and we import breeding dogs from

the best and most successful kennels around Europe.

Kennel Jokerface Strives to these bloodlines can help to

"refine" the breed here in Denmark

and provide much welcome and positive experiences

to future puppie buyers.

If you have further questions about our puppies,

Stud dogs or other questions regarding our

dogs please feel free to contact me by mail or

telephone, that you will find in the botton of

every page on our web site

Best wishes and have a great spring

Jokerface Team





Copyright Kennel Jokerface

Contact info :

Phone +45 28865440

Email: Bulldog.ta2@gmail.com

Member of

F.C.I & Danish Kennel Club