Highlights 2017


                           Double Show in Gørlev 25&26 March

                   Judge  Saturday Bjarke Falk Sandø Sabro DK

                 Judge Sunday Breed specialist Lieza Handley  UK


                            Our home breed boy did it again


                                 Jokerface Carte Blanche


            He entered in Junior Class both days for the lasts time

                              before he enter intermedia Class.

    Saturday : He became EXL 1 with CQ and his second junior Cc

           So today he has his first titel in the age of only 16 month .


                         KLBJCH    JUNIOR CLUB CHAMPION !!!

                          Sunday : EXL 1 with CQ and again Cc

                He also was Best on show male EXL 2 with Rec Cc.

        Thank you to the judge that see the quality in our breeding.



              Double Show in Bøsøre 26 & 27 may 2017   

    Danish Bulldog Club had there 20th years show in Bøsøre

         We are over the moon for the great results of our

            own breeding that we had entered this weekend.


                     Jokerface Carte Blanche "Basil" was on his

                            4.th and 5th show this weekend 


                                    And he did it again

  number 1 in his class for the 5th time this year out of 5 shows.

               So results from the weekend sounds like this :

                    Jokerface Carte Blanche was entered in

                               intermedia class both days.


                        Friday Judge Jari Laakso Finland

                 EXC 1 , with CC and he was BOB males 3 .


           Saturday judge specialist Karin Øgren from Sweden

                  ( Breeder and owner of Malcome kennel SE )

              Result was like this and whit a fabolouse critique .

         EXC 1 with CC and he was BOB males 2 with R.CAC


            We had also  entered both days with same judges

                  Jokerface Gwen Go For It in puppie class.


                                        Friday she got ..

                        VP and number 3 of the females.


                                      Saturday she got ...

            VP 1 best female AND BEST OF BREED PUPPY .

                                   So again super results .

                 And last we had entered our little baby girl

              Jokerface I´m Ice Rose both days in baby class.


                                Friday she got VP 4th place

                             Saturday she got VP 3th place

                 Thanks to her host family for loving her and

                           giving her the good life she has.

                          You did it good in the ring Tami :)

                          BIG THANKS TO BOTH JUDGES

                  that see the Quality in our dogs and breeding.


                              11.06.2017 Danish Kennel Club Vejen.


                      KLBJCH Jokerface Carte Blanche    "Basil".

                                     Judge Jan Sonne-Schmidt .

            Basil was in intermedia class. He is 18 month old now.


                                              Todays result is;

                 Exc 1 with CC, BOB male 1 with his second CAC

                                 & he also got CACIB & BOS.

                              AND Qualified for CRUFT 2018 🏆

               Thanks to the judge for seeing the quality in our boy.

                     For the record this was Basils 6th show this year

                                    and his 6th time nr 1 in his class.


       2017 HAS BEGONE


        First show Fredericia Taulov 29/1-2017.   Danish Bulldog Club.


              Our homebred boy did it, at the age of ONLY 15 month.

                                  Jokerface Carte Blanche "Basil"

                                    Was entered in Junior Class.


                                    Todays result is as follow 😁


                                  EXL 1 with CQ and Junior CAC


               & BOB Male with he's first CAC & Best Opposite Sex .

                             We are very proud of our young boy.

                                  What a great start for 2017. 🎉


                  A big Thank You to Judge Ann van den Heuvel

     From Beefeater Bulls. For seeing the quality in our special boy.


           Danish Bulldog Club Specialty Show in Hirtshals 02.09.2017.

                        Today was the 7th show for our boy this year

                           after he turn in to the grown up class👏🏆

                                           And he did it again..

                           For the 7th time he was EXL 1 in his class ...

                     Our boy *Danish Bulldog Club Junior Champion*

                                 Jokerface Carte Blanche "Basil"

                                            He did it AGAIN

                      We are so happy and proud of our breeding 👏🏆

                                          Todays results is as follow :


                                  EXL 1 with CC in intermedia class

                                       BEST OF BREED MALE

                                        & he got his 3th CAC

                                     AND ***BEST OF BREED ***

                                    In the age of only 22 month 😎

    THANK YOU to breed specialist  Sissy Adramitli from Greece

                           for seeing the quality in our boy 👏

                         Today was the second show this weekend in

                                Bulldog Club Hirtshals. 03.09.2017.

                                       AND HE DID IT AGAIN

                            For the 8th time this year out of 8 shows.

              Our boy " Danish Bulldog Club  JUNIOR CHAMPION"

                          JOKERFACE CARTE BLANCHE "BASIL"

                                             Intermedia Class :

                            EXL 1 with Cc and he got his 4th CAC.

                                       BEST MALE OF BREED.


                                                    & FINALLY

                                         "BEST OPPOSITE SEX"!!

                 Thank you to breed specialist Sally Burns Ireland.

                            For seeing the quality in our boy.





                                 Black Russian Terriers NEWS ...

                                            Today Oct 14th 2017

                       We where at show in our specialty club KHKG .

                                     This was a double show .

                     Both our Black Russian Terriers was entered.

                      Our boy Kapitan Macho s Zolotogo Grada .

               He was entered in BABY Class and it went like this ...

                                                    SHOW 1;

                                     Judge Marit Sunde Norway .

                       VP 1 & BOB & BEST ON SHOW ALL BREED 🏆

                                                    SHOW 2;

                                    Judge Hans Almgren Sweden .



                               Our girl X'ITS MY LOVE MAGNATERIA

               She was entered in JUNIOR class and it went like this 🏆

                                                    SHOW 1;

                                     Judge Marit Sunde Norway.

                           EXL 1 & CQ & Junior CAC & CAC & BOB 👏.

                                                    SHOW 2;

                                     Judge Hans Almgren Sweden.

                 EXL 1 & CQ & her second junior CAC & second  CAC


                                      AGAIN BEST OF BREED..

                              & BEST ON SHOW 4 ALL BREEDS.



                        OWER THIS FANTASTIC RESULTS.


                             World Dog Show Leipzig 2017. 12/11

  Club Junior Ch. DKCH. Danish Winner 2017. Cruft qualified 2018.

                                  Jokerface Carte Blanche "Basil"


      Was entered in a very strong Open Class.     (42 males entry)

             He got great results , we are super super happy ....


                      RES WORLD WINNER OPEN CLASS 2017.



  WOW..! Now it is already time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS again

                               It is scary how time goes to fast...!

                                      BUT WHAT A YEAR...!!!

  In the show ring with our homebred boy Jokerface Carte Blance...


       2017 has been a totally crazy but also A wonderfull year... !!

      We have to go many many years back to find one of our dogs

      that did it nearly half as good as "Basil" did this year 2017 ....


                                NOT once did he lose this year

        in the class he have been entered to here in Denmark.... :-)

                         We are very proud to be his "MAKERS"...

                        SORRY in advance but let us brag a little ...:

               From january where Basil was just startet in junior class

         until november where he just 2 weeks before in October

   turned 2 years old, he was entered in 9 show´s here in Denmark .

            ( 7 show´s in the Bulldog Club and 2 show´s in DKK )

                                      RESULTS AS FOLLOWS;

                9 times he was EXL 1 in the classes he was entered.

                                            9 times he got CC.

                                           3 times JUNIOR CAC.

                                           5 times CH CAC.

                                           2 times CACIB.

                                           2 times RES. CAC.

                     1 times RES.VDH CAC.World dog show 2017

                     5 times HE WAS PLACED BOB MALES NO.1.

                     2 times HE WAS PLACED BOB MALES NO.2.

                     1 time HE WAS PLACED BOB MALES NO.3.

                                          1 x BEST OF BREED.

                                          4 X BEST OPPOSITE SEX.

                                 AT THE WDS 2017 in Leipzig

    he was entered in a strong open class,  (42 entries) and became

        >>>>>RES.WORLD WINNER 2017 open class males.<<<<<<


                                     CLUB JUNIOR CHAMPION.

                                      DANISH CHAMPION.

                                      DANISH WINNER 2017.


                               CRUFT QUALIFICATION 2018.

     AND on top of all this wonderfull months Basil also became

     father to some pretty nice ofspring, where we have 2 of his


    So cross our fingers that they can do it good in the show ring

                                                    in 2018.;-))

                                  Thank you all, family and friends

       judges and etc for a nice time in and out of the show rings..!

                                  The best wishes to all with

           Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2018 ..!!!!!!!!!

           From kennel Jokerface Mette & Brian Larsson.