Stud Dogs

Stud Dogs at Jokerface

           All Our Boys Are Out For Stud

               For Aprowed Girls Only.

     Chilled And Frozen Semen Available

                      For more info

                Pedigree or pictures

                  Please contact us .

       Phone +45 28865440 or Email       


English Boys

   Res.World Winner Open Male 2017   

              Danish Champion

            Swedish Champion

      Danish Club Junior Champion

              Danish Winner 2017

      Danish Club Champion. 

Basil´s result from his first

       9 show in 2017.

             9 x EXC 1.

             9 x CC.

         3 x junior CAC.

             So now

   Club Junior Champion.

  Qualified for CRUFT 2018

             5 x CAC.

             2 x CACIB.

             2 x R.CAC.

             1 X R.VDH CAC


     4x Best Opposite Sex.

       5 x BOB males 1.

       2 x BOB males 2.

       1 x BOB males 3 .



       1 X Swedish CAC 


    1 x Nordich res cac

    1 x SE CAC

                Our uk Import

      Rozeldogue Rocky Rowan

               Touch Of Gold

     Father of Jokerface Carte Blanche

        and he has many other

           beautiful ofspring

French Boys

               One of our homebred boys

   Jokerface Vintage Volvo Of Hustler

  He has wonderful ofsprng around the world

 French import 

L´Boy De La Rose DÓphelia

            One of our wonderful boys

            Leibøll´s Crispy Coconut   

He has fantastic ofspring around the world

                   Our sweet bandit

              Blance Noir´s Hansi

He also have wonderful ofspring around the world